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Charmed - Smoke Holder

Charmed - Smoke Holder

Excluding Sales Tax

Choose between a holder that is adorned with handcrafted flower embellishments coated in UV or a metal crown and lave rock stone.


Enjoy your smokes with a beautiful holder, keeping your nails from the flames and the smoke off your hands! Give your family and friends a unique gift. Perfect fashion accessory to match with your outfit. 


Crown may vary from picture - alternate charms are comparable in size.


How to use: Size of hole fits a typical RAW pre-roll tip, a larger joint/blunt and larger smoke size.


Handmade: Holders can vary slightly in sizing. No two accessories are the exact same in design. 


Measurements: Appx 6 inches


    Returns and exchanges can be made within 30 days from purchase. Shipping will be at the cost of the customer.


     Holders are made to order. Orders can take 7 - 10 business days to ship out.


    Holders and rings are not made of of metal but flexible colored copper filled jewelry wire (some designs filled with gold will be noted in the description). The wire is manipulated into a firm material but requires care as excessive force and can bend and/or damage your beautiful accessory.

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